5 Money Mindset Transformations to Empower You

What if I were to tell you that you could earn more money simply by changing the way you think? You don’t even need to move from that comfortable seat you’re enjoying right now. You could start seeing changes today. That’s exactly what empowering your money mindset can do for you.

When you have a strong money mindset, you have the confidence to pursue those big clients. In fact, you draw premium clients to you as they’re attracted to your image of competence and quality. 

A strong money mindset means that you understand the value you’re delivering to your clients, and so you feel comfortable charging them a premium price for that service. You’re going to find that you charge in packages, not hours. And you’ll discover just how much your work is treasured by your clients.

Of course, there’s a flip side to all that. When you have limiting beliefs around your money mindset, you’re going to feel stuck. It’s one thing to want all those things, it’s another thing to actually go out there and get them.

So, how do you bridge that gap? You need to change your money mindset. Let’s take a look at how we can transform those limiting beliefs.

Money Mindset Transformation #1: “I don’t understand money”

If you’re going to be successful in making more money in your business, you need to understand money.

That might be a hard truth to face but I don’t want us to gloss over the facts here. I want you to actually see those results!

When we shy away from topics that we don’t understand, or that feel intimidating for us, we’re going to make it that much harder to grow. Why? Well, because we’re acknowledging that we don’t feel confident enough and then not doing anything to change that.

By focusing on strengthening your financial literacy, you’re going to give yourself the tools and knowledge to take control of your money. When you understand money, you’re going to be able to manage it better.

So, why not set yourself a challenge to transform your money mindset by proving that niggling voice of doubt in your head wrong? Set an achievable goal and work your way up from there. I guarantee you’ll be surprised when you find out just how much you’re actually capable of.

Money Mindset Transformation #2: “Wealth isn’t for someone like me”

There’s a big misconception that wealth is only for certain types of people. That you need to come from wealthy parents, have gotten a prestigious education or be from a certain socio-economic background in order to enjoy money.

I’m going to let you in on a secret and then I want you to go out and share it with all your friends.

Anyone can earn money. Anyone can generate wealth.

Sure, money has to be earned (you’re very unlikely to get rich by not putting in any effort!). But wealth is for everyone.

The likelihood is that your money mindset is currently telling you that you’re not worthy of wealth. Which means that we need to reset it. Instead of telling yourself that you’re not enough, try telling yourself what you do have. What skills do you have that are going to help you generate wealth of your own?

This is the first step to creating your money mantra, a daily message that’ll help you transform your money mindset so that you can empower yourself to grow your business.

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Money Mindset Transformation #3: “I don’t know what value I’m giving in return”

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my coaching clients when they’re preparing to increase their prices is that they’re worried their work won’t be giving enough value to their clients.

The vast majority of us tend to underestimate our value. Self-doubt creeps in and we start to wonder, is it enough?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is!

Take some time to look back at what past clients have said to you. Get all your testimonials into one place and go through and extract the common themes. 

What outcomes are coming up over and over again? For me, it’s clients sharing stories of confidence, empowerment, strengthened boundaries and renewed self-worth.

When you set premium prices, you’re actually reassuring your clients by signalling that you’re going to be providing a premium experience for them. You’re showing that you’re going to be creating incredible outcomes for them just by sharing your price!

Money Mindset Transformation #4: “I feel bad taking money away from someone else”

Repeat after me: “earning money doesn’t make me a bad person”.

Each day our news feeds are filled with stories of rich people doing bad things. But pursuing wealth does not inherently make you a bad person, it’s all about what you do with that wealth.

Think about the power that your money will give you. Think about why you want to be earning money.

Perhaps you’re hoping to buy a better home for your family, send your children to a private school, support your favourite charities or even wipe away your debts. All of those things are examples of using money for good.

Money isn’t bad. It also isn’t necessarily good. It’s all about how you use it. And, remember, you’re offering incredible value in return for those premium prices.

Money Mindset Transformation #5: “I’ll never be able to charge what X charges”

The first question I want to ask you here is, why not?

Why can’t you charge what that other person charges? What’s the difference between the two of you?

I’m going to hazard a guess here that the only real difference between you is your mindset.

If one person has an empowered mindset and the other person is telling themselves they’re going to fail before they’ve even started, which one is going to succeed?

Yep, that’s right. The story you tell yourself is going to dictate the outcome. So, try telling yourself this story instead. “The work I do is valuable. The work I do is making a difference in other people’s lives.” 

The more you tell yourself just how valuable you are, the more you’re going to start to believe it.

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