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Executive Coaching

What if you could maximise your team’s impact?
It’s time to remove the hurdles that are standing in their way

97% of employees believe communication issues impact their results.

Are you one of them?

Cross-cultural communication challenges. Messages lost in multi-generational communication barriers. Shy and timid employees...

It all adds up. And it all impacts your bottom line.

Imagine what would change if you had a team filled with confident communicators and strong leaders…

Good communication is too important for your organisation to neglect

Good communication gives…

your customers a better experience

your employees a better experience

And your company a better chance of beating the competition

Usually, you book traditional soft skills training to get you all that.

But what if there was something better?

Something that didn’t have your team staring, eyes glazed over at a projector screen with their minds wandering off elsewhere…

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The takeaways from the sessions are impactful and can be applied immediately.

We were trying to solve and improve on communications within the organisation. Communication is key to the proper dissemination of information in order to ensure clarity and understanding of deliverables and expectations. We tried to discuss this with the individuals and also got them to attend trainings [before trying executive coaching].

Lisa is exuberant and dynamic. This makes it very easy to approach her and discuss issues and challenges openly. She is also very pragmatic in her approach so the takeaways from the sessions are impactful and can be applied immediately.


Human Resource Lead at Dynamik Technologies

Are you still wasting money on soft skills training (without anything to show for it)?


Executive Coaching

The sustainable way to elevate your team’s performance. With less chalk and talk, and more action. From an executive coach with 25+ years of real-world experience and a whole host of international certifications.

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After coaching, people were more engaged and can be seen to be utilizing ideas from the sessions.
Communication improved and they started using active listening skills.

Rozana Yunos

Dynamik Technologies, Executive Coaching Client

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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a sustainable way to get results.

We’ll empower your team by diving deep into the issues that are holding them back from being their most impactful selves.

Your employees will feel better, more confident and more purposeful. Your company will get a more productive and impactful workforce.


A third of all Fortune 500 companies utilise Executive Coaching as standard leadership development for their elite executives and talented up-and-comers

The Hayes Group

What if you could increase your output,
without making a single new hire?

1:1 Executive Coaching

Give your key players the skills to lead with the mindset shift to make their role sustainable

The Signature Workshops

Overcome your business hurdles with a unique blend of practical workshops and empowering group coaching

ICF Associate Certified Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, with 25+ years of real-world business experience

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Lisa recommended workarounds that could be implemented on the spot

Lisa is very easy to work with and is very collaborative and open to ideas or concerns. She understood the culture of the organisation effortlessly and could recommend workarounds that could be implemented on the spot.


Human Resource Lead at Dynamik Technologies

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“I was able to take on everyday work problems with deeper understanding of different viewpoints

As part of our fast-paced growth in recent years, we experienced growing pains especially with new leaders and new juniors, all having different expectations and styles.

We engaged Lisa to deliver a 6-month Executive Group Coaching for our management team and middle managers, focusing on those leading or communicating with clients and project teams. I had the privilege to be among the pilot group selected for the coaching.

The sessions were simple and practical activities based on Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner knowledge, fully focusing on immersive experiences rather than chalk and talk.

Lisa challenged us to explore deeper into our company core messaging as well as our own personal values and motivations, bridging with our inner selves and with one another in the group. She taught us active listening and powerful questioning, so we could engage with internal and external stakeholders better.

Lisa delivered above and beyond my expectations. Following the sessions, I was able to take on everyday work problems with deeper understanding of different viewpoints, and leveraging the right tools to reach win-win situations. Definitely still a work in progress, but with Lisa's coaching as foundation, I know I am headed in the right direction!"

Albert WY Hwong

Executive Coaching Client

1:1 Executive Coaching, to help you develop a more confident leadership team

It’s executive coaching, but from a coach credentialed with the ICF

  • 12 one-hour sessions over a 6-month period

  • Honest and confidential guidance to move your team towards their goals with the support they need along the way

  • Pre-coaching planning session, with HR, Lisa and the coachee to set goals for the 6 months

  • Pre-session form, to complete 24 hours before each session. This gets the coachee to think and reflect on their actions, current challenges, opportunities and goals for the session

  • Custom list of tools and resources, to help the coachee maintain the momentum they build up during the sessions

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  • Access to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and other proven tools to increase their chances of success

  • A debrief with HR when coaching sessions are completed, with Lisa and the coachee to reflect on successes and learnings from the coaching and next steps

Take a look inside the executive coaching process

1. Your HR team identifies individuals who would benefit from coaching and the areas where they need extra support or where they could improve their soft skills e.g. communication techniques:

  • They might be rising up in the company
  • They’ve just moved into a new role
  • They’re individuals who you really want to keep

2. You, or your HR team, share a brief description of why you put these people forwards

3. You, or your team leaders, join a planning session, with HR, me and the coachee to set goals for their 6 months together

4. They set 1-3 specific and measurable goals to work on over the 6 month period

  • One or two goals are agreed jointly
  • One goal can be decided on later on e.g. an individual goal

5. You all sign a coaching agreement, which includes confidentiality and ensures all coaching information is solely between myself and the coachee. The coachee is given access to their portal where they are responsible for booking their sessions themselves

6. There is a debrief at the end of the coaching sessions with HR, me and the coachee to reflect on successes and learnings from the coaching and plan their next steps

The Signature Workshops
to empower your team to achieve big goals

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Delivered online or in-person, in Brunei

These signature workshops were developed after 25+ years leading businesses to achieve big goals.

I’ve seen the unique challenges ambitious organisations face with employee motivation and productivity. This is how you solve them.

All workshops include:

  • Practical exercises and activities
  • Immersive experiences for participants
  • Templates, workbooks and thought-provoking questions
  • Active discussions, with empowering group coaching
  • Long term learning, with sustainable results
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Go from lost in translation...

  • Communication issues within the company, including intergenerational communication issues, multicultural communication issues

  • Unclear and confusing communication leading to misunderstandings and reduced impact

  • Lack of effective communication affecting the overall dynamics within the company

To clear communications…

  • Better communication within the company and with external stakeholders

  • Employees know how to communicate with one another appropriately

  • Ability to deal with conflicts, differences or grievances at work

  • Ability to translate requirements from clients to be able to provide fit for purpose solutions

Imagine going from ...

  • Employees are struggling with motivation

  • Problems with lack of focus

  • Increasing frequency of burnout

  • Mental well-being challenges

To employees with this…

  • More motivation at work

  • Happier employees = more productive employees

  • Feel more balanced between life and work

  • Reduced burnout

  • Employees feel a greater sense of well-being

Explore the Topics Individually or Opt for Combined Packages.
Combining Topics 1 -3 or 4 - 6 to create a 4 hour customized and comprehensive Learning Journey:



Embark on a journey of self-discovery as the Wheel of Life unveils profound insights. Navigate the dimensions of Health, Career, Personal Development, Relationships, Romance, Money, Fun & Recreation, and Physical Environment to achieve true balance and fulfillment.




Address communication challenges with proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Enhance your ability, or your team's ability, to communicate effectively, fostering positive outcomes in personal and professional spheres.





Explore the transformative impact of values, the core of our being. Learn how aligning values can catalyse significant shifts in your life, relationships, and work by serving as a guiding force in decision-making.



Harness Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to wield perspective as a powerful tool. Elevate your decision-making and communication skills, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in every interaction.



Delve into the art of goal setting as the cornerstone to realising your vision. Uncover the power of goals in shaping your path to success in both personal and professional domains.



Build connections by mastering the art of rapport. Utilise proven NLP techniques to communicate effectively. Creating instant rapport and connection based on others' preferred representational systems.

Meet the executive coach with 25+ years of real-world experience

I’m Lisa Ibrahim, a business woman turned business and executive coach.

After 25+ years leading multi-million dollar businesses across Brunei, I made a dramatic career change and retrained as a business and executive coach, becoming credentialed with the International Coaching Federation.

These days you can find me working with multinational companies, global and local executives and business leaders. All with a unique practical approach whilst supporting your team’s life-work balance.

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What could happen if your employees had all of this?

  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Clear plan of action
  • Better productivity and focus
  • Reduced procrastination
  • Better sense of direction
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Less stress
  • Renewed energy and momentum
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Better sense of self
  • More confident leadership
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased positivity

Answers to your final questions

Many people are nervous to suggest coaching to their employees, but you don’t have to be. Instead, make it clear why you’re recommending coaching to them and show them what they’ll get out of it and how it could help their career. I’ll also be on hand to help you navigate this, feel free to get in touch and we’ll make a plan.

Coaching is a practical and sustainable way to move toward your goals. Unlike traditional training, coaching is guided by you - the client - and shaped around your unique needs. You can read more about coaching here.

Absolutely! All types of executive coaching can be delivered online, no matter where you are in the world.

For workshops, we use break out rooms on Zoom to ensure that workshop participants still get the same practical experience that they’d access in-person. 1:1 executive coaching can take place online too, as long as the coachee is in a safe and confidential space.

Yes. Everything that your company and the coachees share is 100% confidential. The content of the 1:1 executive coaching sessions are also kept private between the coachee and myself.