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Lisa Ibby - My Story

My Story

For ambitious individuals & organisations with big goals

Lisa Ibby is the practical business and executive coach that creates long-lasting whole self transformations

I’m Lisa Ibby (also known as Lisa Ibrahim). A certified coach, credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with 25+ years of business experience.

And for my less formal introduction?
I’m a mother, sister, avid reader and travel lover, who can never resist a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning!

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You’ve got big, ambitious (and sometimes scary) goals

Perhaps your organisation is looking to expand its reach. Maybe you’re looking to grow your revenue. Or it could be that you’re in pursuit of that elusive life-work balance.

You’ve got big goals. But making them happen is a whole other story…

It can feel like there are so many hurdles standing in your way. Confidence. Communication issues. Lack of direction. An ever changing work environment. The list is endless.

And you’ve tried so hard to overcome them. You’ve spoken to HR. You’ve tried traditional training. You’ve Googled more than you care to admit. And nothing’s working.

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What if you had a team that finally knew how to communicate?

What if you had employees whose life-work balance allowed them to show up as the best version of themselves?

What if you finally felt like you were following your purpose?


How would that feel?

You can’t compartmentalise your life.
So perhaps it’s time you stopped trying to…

Discover the Whole Self Approach to coaching

Where your work-life and home-life are supported, equally

Let’s turn ideas into goals. And goals into reality. Without losing yourself along the way.

I’m Lisa, a mother, a business owner, a founder, and an executive leader. Most days, you can find me supporting businesses and corporations through my whole-self approach to executive coaching.

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But I wasn’t always a coach… I’ve spent over 25 years in top positions at businesses across Brunei.

In 1995 I started working in a multi-million dollar architectural firm, eventually taking over leading the firm.

And 5 years later, I founded Brunei's Young Entrepreneur Association as part of my mission to build and learn from connections across the globe.

I went on to represent Brunei’s private sector on the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Business Advisory Council before co-founding a well-known regional event management company and market entry consultancy firm.

In my decades spent running businesses across Brunei, I learned how to lead, communicate and strive for success.

I did the normal things - got married, had a daughter, Nadiya, and a son, Irham. But then, the unexpected happened. And the big lessons really started.

My son was born with special needs and needed constant care. Yet, I couldn't stop working.

I would sit in the hospital ward and have my work sent to me. This was how it was 'supposed' to be. It was all I knew, and I desperately needed the distraction.

But when Irham passed away, everything changed. My life entered a period of transition, yet all the advice I found was about motivation or inspiration.

It just wasn’t going to cut it. I needed something deeper and practical, I needed to take action.

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Enter: coaching

After my own life coach guided me through this period, I retrained as a coach myself. I knew that my professional background, combined with my personal experiences, could help people.

Thanks to 170 hours of training and coaching, exams, ethics courses and ongoing education, I am a credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Adhering to the ICF guidelines means adhering to the gold standard of coaching. All my combined training and coaching experience allows me to share the latest coaching techniques with you.

I’m also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), helping you to harness the true power of your mind to reach your goals.

Find your own definition of life-work balance.

I now work with multinational companies, global and local executives and business leaders across Brunei and beyond.

I’m here to help you take practical action towards your goals, improve your communication skills and find your own definition of life-work balance.

Coaching qualifications aren’t “necessary”
…but they should be

Part strategist. Part accountability partner. Part cheerleader

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A safe space

Coaching with me means coaching in a safe, confidential space. Even if your coaching is taking place through your company, everything you share is totally confidential.

This means that you are free to be 100% open and honest, with absolutely no judgement. Unlike a friend or family member, I have no alternative agenda. Instead, I’m here to listen and help you. Nobody else.

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Positive accountability

Remember those goals you set for yourself that you never followed through on? We’re going to change that.

You’ll be invited to set yourself small but significant tasks. And I’m going to gently (but firmly) hold you accountable to those actions. So you can finally start building momentum in the right direction.

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Real honesty

I don’t have my life together all the time. You won’t see me pretending that my life is perfect, because nobody’s is.

Instead, I use my own story and the lessons I’ve learned along the way to empathise with you.

We’ll work together to empower you and transform your mindset, so the next time life throws you a curveball, you’ll know you can handle it.

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A sustainable impact

You might only book six month’s of coaching. But the impact will last a lifetime.

I don’t want you to depend on me, I want you to depend on yourself. I’m just here to help you do that, with the tools and training you need to unlock your potential.

You can navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence, whether it’s in the corporate world, your own world or both.

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I trust Lisa

I have gained a lot more direction and understanding of my potential clients and myself. I feel my business can do a lot more now that I have new tools. And I am very excited about what is to come. I’m only interested in working with a coach who has been through an eventful life and managed to pull themselves up and change it in an extraordinary way... For me, I see this in Lisa and it is important that you can trust your coach. And I trust her.

Nadia Heidi

Business Coaching Client

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Coaching helped me see things with different perspectives

With coaching, you can share your challenges along the way, on how to manoeuvre issues with tools and methods. It helped me see things from different perspectives, and look at situations from different points of view to approach issues. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to improve my professional communication skills.

Firdaus Razali

Executive Coaching Client

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Lisa will challenge you, but not in a way that it cannot be accomplished

Lisa will challenge you, but not in a way that it cannot be accomplished. She will help open your mind to see different perspectives, she is thorough with her questioning and is able to provide practical tools. She is also approachable and you can understand her easily.

Rozana Yunos

Executive Workshop Attendee

Unlock your potential.
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