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What is Active Listening? Add This To Your Employee Reviews

What if you could look past the words and uncover what your employees are really trying to say? That’s what active listening can do for you and your business. Here’s how.


How To Be More Assertive And Confident At Work

What do you do when you have an opinion but your lack of confidence is holding you back? This is how to be more assertive and confident at work. Step by step.


The Missing Ingredient: Connecting Positive Money Mindset with Life-Work Balance

Whenever I take a client through money mindset coaching, there’s one realisation that always comes their way. They start to realise exactly how much they need to be earning to have the life-work balance they’re dreaming of. You see, we all crave balance. This mystical thing we convince ourselves will bring order to our lives.…

Excited multiracial and multigenerational colleagues enjoying triumph together in front of laptop in office

The Key to Celebrating Age Diversity in the Workplace

What if there was a way to boost your workplace productivity, improve your employee retention rate and upgrade your team’s skill set? Turns out, there is. You just need to work on improving the age diversity in your workplace. I’m proud to say that we now live in a world where conversations about workplace diversity…


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Lisa is a mother, a business owner, a founder, and an executive leader. She's been through it all and has come out the other side to thrive. Now she's helping you to do the same! Learn how you can find clarity and support through her services for individuals and organisations.


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