Creating A Positive Work Environment

What Makes a Good Leader in the Workplace? And How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

By Lisa Ibby | February 9, 2022

When you picture a leader, what image comes to mind? Perhaps you’re imagining someone sitting in a corner office… they’re at a giant desk with their name and senior title on the door. Except here’s the thing… just because someone might look like a leader, doesn’t mean they are a leader. When you look at…

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Your Ultimate Guide To Setting Boundaries At Work

By Lisa Ibby | October 13, 2021

Which of these sounds better… Living life on your own terms? Or following someone else’s script? I know which one I’d choose. And that’s exactly why setting boundaries is so important. Especially at work. In 2019, the World Health Organisation included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases. The culprit? Work stress that hasn’t been…

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How to create a work-life balance in your workplace

By Lisa Ibby | October 7, 2020

“How do you create a work-life balance?”. I was asked this question at the end of a recent Wheel of Life workshop for a big corporation here in Brunei, and it actually made me really excited. Why? Well, it speaks to a growing recognition that employees aren’t just cogs in a machine. It recognises that,…

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Company Cultures To Inspire Your Own

By Lisa Ibby | March 25, 2020

Company culture. It’s a hot topic for organisations around the world, but how do you actually build a good company culture? These ideas will get you started.

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Lisa is a mother, a business owner, a founder, and an executive leader. She's been through it all and has come out the other side to thrive. Now she's helping you to do the same! Learn how you can find clarity and support through her services for individuals and organisations.


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