Business & whole self coaching for individuals

Lisa Ibby - Individual Coaching

Business & whole self coaching for individuals

How would it feel if you knew what you wanted to do with your life? And had a clear and confident plan to get you there?

It’s time to find your right place.

Somewhere you can stand your ground, understand your purpose and be unapologetically you

It’s okay if all that’s feeling a little far off right now…

  • You have things you want to do, but a lack of confidence is standing in your way.
  • Got a business, but don’t know how to make it reach your financial goals.
  • You’re feeling lost at work and are starting to doubt whether you’ve chosen the right career path.
  • You’re experiencing a transitional period and are feeling the need to pivot.
  • You’re craving calm but life-work balance feels like a distant dream.
  • You want to be a strong leader, but end up doubting yourself instead.
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One of my main challenges [before business coaching with Lisa] was that I was constantly in my head wherever I go, be it with my family, friends, or at work. I felt like this was hindering me from moving forward with work and business, and from enjoying life more.

Business Coaching Client

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Lisa provides you with the tools to change the way you see and live your life

Lisa provides you with the tools to change the way you see and live your life. If you have struggled with any areas of your life, Lisa would be the right person for you. Improve in one area of your life, and your whole life would shift too.

Rahim Shukri

Business Coaching Client

ICF Associate Certified Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, with 25+ years of real-world business experience

Part strategist.
Part accountability partner.
Part cheerleader.

Your life is so much easier when you’ve got a meaningful direction to follow. That’s what we create through coaching. So you can find the purpose and direction that’s often hard to pinpoint on your own.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Coaching guides you to find the answers yourself. You’ll be asked powerful questions, recommended tailored steps to help unlock your potential and learn how to uncover the true you.

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Gain clarity through increased self-awareness

Grow your confidence and reduce self-doubt, with proven methodologies to help you

Set achievable goals as you define your own version of success

Be held accountable and follow through with focused and consistent action

Identify and align yourself, and your work, with your values

Create your own life-work balance

Why “life-work balance”?

Well, I believe that your life should come first.
It’s that simple.

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I've finally got my personal “me” time

Coaching helps me to see the things I wouldn't be able to see without a coach. It's the small shifts in beliefs that create huge changes in my life.

I've finally got my personal “me” time which I've always felt guilty about since having a son. However, I realise it makes me more productive and alive in anything else that I do.

Business Coaching Client

This is how coaching works

1. You contact Lisa for a clarity coffee to chat about what you’d like to achieve through coaching, ask any questions and get to know each other

2. Lisa sends you a custom proposal that shows how we could work together to achieve your goals

3. You complete a tailored briefing form, that sets out your intentions for your time together and we sign a simple Coaching Agreement together

4. We kick things off, with our first coaching session

You’ll be asked to complete an easy pre-session questionnaire before each appointment, where you’ll share how you’re getting on with your assigned tasks, any challenges you’re facing and anything you’d like to focus on in the next session

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I’m more present

I've learnt the importance of being clear on my values I live by and ensuring that I live by those values, whether or not anyone is watching.

Lisa also made me realise all the excuses I've made (that I couldn't see before) that were slowing down my personal growth. I’m more productive with my work and business. And I’m more present (physically and mentally) especially with my family. I've reached out to a number of potential clients.

Rahim Shukri

Business Coaching Client

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Turn negativity into positivity

New truths! I am loving that it helps me to think hard and turn negativity into positivity. We need to take all the toxic thoughts away!

I’m getting out of my comfort zone by saying some things that I never thought I could. For example "saying NO" and "I do not know" - of course for the right situation.


Business Coaching Client

A path that’s perfect for you

It’s coaching. But from a coach credentialed with the ICF.

Leading Ladies 1:1 Coaching Package:

Personalised coaching designed to help you unlock your full potential and create a life that you desire. It isn't only about fixing problems,  but about discovering your inner strength and courage to tackle any challenges with poise and grace.

Business Bestie 1:1 Coaching Package:

Your secret weapon for a successful business and a balanced life.

Personalised coaching to equip you with tools and strategies to boost your income, conquer challenges, and finally achieve that elusive work-life balance.


6 sessions over 3 / 6 months

For smaller goals that you already have your eye on


12 sessions over 6 / 12 months

For a deep dive towards a new future (even when everything feels unknown)

No more wondering what to do… now you have a plan that’s 100% tailored to you

Step inside a safe and confidential space, where you’re really listened to. Together we’ll figure out what’s going on and set some clear goals for you to achieve.

Then, we’ll turn those goals into a practical action plan. And don’t worry, you’ll have an accountability partner (me) to keep you on track!

Contact Lisa Ibby
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The courage to continue. Even when life gets hard

This is how you future proof your business (and yourself).

You’ll learn the tools and techniques that you need to overcome future hurdles. So you can keep moving forwards, long after our final session is over.

Because you shouldn’t have to be dependent on me for the rest of your life. This is about sustainable results.

Meet the coach who knows what a rollercoaster real-life can be

Hello! I’m Lisa Ibrahim, a business woman turned business coach.

After 25+ years leading multi-million dollar businesses across Brunei, I made a dramatic career change and retrained as a business and executive coach, becoming credentialed with the International Coaching Federation.

These days you can find me working with multinational companies, global and local executives and business leaders. All with a unique practical approach whilst supporting your life-work balance.

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It’s time for a clear and confident direction for your life

  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • Find a new sense of direction
  • Understand your purpose
  • Improve your confidence
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Become more resilient to life’s challenges
  • Access a toolbox of resources to draw on when future challenges arise
  • Work towards your goals with a supportive accountability partner by your side

…all in a safe and confidential space

Answers to your final questions

Coaching is a practical and sustainable way to move toward your goals. Unlike traditional training, coaching is guided by you - the client - and shaped around your unique needs. You can read more about coaching here.

Absolutely! Because coaching is shaped around you and your needs, it can be adapted to wherever you are right now. So if you don’t know what your goals are, we’ll work together to figure them out.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to give you the clarity you’re looking for. I’m a certified coach, which means I’m trained in the questioning and active listening techniques you need to unlock your true potential.

If you’re feeling stuck but aren’t quite sure what’s wrong, we can assess that in a clarity call. You can book a free clarity call right here and we’ll explore exactly what’s holding you back.