The In-Betweener

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The In-Betweener

Most of the time, things feel pretty good. You’re reliable and organised. Your friends and family know that when they ask you to do something, you’ll do everything in your power to get it done.

You’re great at staying focused and taking action. But… you don’t feel like you’re taking action in the right direction.

You dream of that feeling of “flow” that you hear your friends talking about. And some days, you feel like you’re almost there… only to wake up the next morning wondering where on earth it went.

From the outside, everything looks great. Except this isn’t the life you imagined for yourself. And you don’t know where you want to go instead…

Don’t worry, awareness is the first step in any process. We can get you out of this funk!

You excel at…

Helping others
You’re the person your friends go to when they want a supporting ear and some comforting advice. Even on the busiest of days, you make the effort to help the people you love

Being the reliable one
You always keep your word. When someone asks you to do something, you find a way to make it happen. Not only that, but you do it to the best of your ability. Every single time

Showing up and doing the work
You work hard and always give your all, which is a rarer quality than you realise. You probably aren’t aware of quite how talented you are

You’re so much more capable than you realise

Your goal-chasing prescription...

You’re always reminding yourself that you’re so lucky to have so much abundance in your life. You just wish it felt a bit more like you…

That’s not something you need to feel guilty about. It’s incredible that you’re already aware that you want to make a change. Now you can jump straight to the fun bit - figuring out what you want that change to be!

Finding clarity

You work hard, are good at taking action and have a strong foundation ready to go. What you need is... clarity.

Once you know what direction you want to go in, you’ll be flying.

We just need to get you there.

Before you get started, try to ease the pressure on yourself. This isn’t something you’re going to figure out overnight. You need to give it time.

Try to open your mind to new possibilities, without forcing every new idea to become the next “perfect goal”.

Starting your experiment

  • Begin by imagining a life without limits. If you could begin again, with a blank slate, where would you go? That’s your starting point
  • Try to pinpoint which areas of your life you want to change. It might feel like everything’s out of sync but the chances are, a few key tweaks will change everything
  • Ask your friends how they imagined those parts of your life to look. See how you feel about their suggestions but remember, you don’t have to follow them. This is simply an experiment to see what ideas come to mind

Try new ideas on for size and see how you feel
If something feels right for you, consider how you could turn it into a goal

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I’m also a mother, business owner, founder, and an executive leader. But my life hasn't always been perfect...

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I'm also a big coffee fan (flat white please), struggle to put down a good book and love building real and meaningful connections with my clients!

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